What about Coupon sites? Indians!

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What do you guys think about coupon related website?(Indian coupon website)

Lots of competition?

Is it good to start a coupon site?
Whats your thoughts on traffic, offers and users?


I found one industry totally be occupied by one company web on first page of Google search

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I found one industry totally be occupied by one company web on first page of Google search, No.1 their company homepage, No.3 their company another site, No. 7 and No.9 also this company’s website. everybody can see these 4 website are the same company’s web, because their sell exactly the same products with same picture only with different product name. how Google so blind as this can not see how easy he was cheated?

How I run my PBN blogs and things to do to avoid Footprints

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First of all, we need to define a footprint:

A footprint is a unique identifier on all your blogs.
This could be a specific Plugin, theme, outbound link pattern, Whois and many others things. Finding most footprints is more complex than running a Google query, so we’ll assume the one who’s looking for it has the knowledge, computer- and man-power to do it.
PBN still works and still powerful, Those that were penalized in ending of 2014 didn’t follow the guidelines in running a no footprint PBN that’s why their networks were easily targeted and de-indexed.

Instead of wasting money buying link building software of buying 50 post on PBN blogs why not start your own.
While something can be a footprint, it is not harmful if it’s used by thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of other (legitimate) blogs. This goes for plugins, themes, WordPress itself and anything else that is used on mass scale on the Internet.

How I run my PBN blogs and things to avoid
· Do not use same details for all your domains but create fake whois accounts using fakenamegenerator on reputable registrars like Godaddy, Name.com, Namecheap etc but use real details in the billing information
· On putting your first domain on the new accounts either through auction or registering new domain you will be asked to verify your emails, make sure you do so to avoid your account being temporarily banned
· Do not register your domains the same day
· Use Whois privacy on some of your domains on average around 20%.
· install different Themes and Plugins
· Your PBN blogs has to be unique so do not use spun contents on your blog but unique contents with different length
· Do not point links only to your money site but mix it with related blogs. Always link to other smaller niche websites which are not in direct competition to yours(link to them with naked url)
· SOA Records are seen in DNS reports and include a “hostmaster” email address. If you’re using cPanel it usually uses your email which you signed up with. This is an enormous problem, so go and remove the email by clicking Preferences and Update Contact Info.
· Another obvious one would be Webmaster Tools, any kind of Analytics or advertising codes. These have actual unique IDs in source code and are very easy to find even for beginners .
· No Hosting on only one provider or C-Block providers. If your links’ IPs are the same or too close (as is common with SEO/C-Block hosting), they can be discounted because Google expects links coming from a diverse range of IPs.

When not sure if something can hurt you – think if it would be natural for a legitimate blog. Hopefully this blog post can clear up a lot of questions that people have when building their PBN.

Looking to make 1 url into 100 urls

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hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows of any sites where i can enter in a url "example.com"
and it creates 1000 different variations of the url such as "exafdsa.com" "exafdsa1.com" etc

Search Bot/App Ideas / Custom-Bots

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i run out of ideas.
Actually i work on a bot for porn reupload method but this is nearly finished. just have run it for a few days.

also you can pm me for custom bots/programms or here the public way if you like. please give me detailed infos.


How to convert my woocommerce ecommerce store to a multi-seller online marketplace

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Please I want to convert my woocommerc wordpress ecommerce store to an online marketplace where different sellers can register to sell their own unique product.

I want the front page of my store to show these menu tabs when someone visits:

1. Sell on (my site name)– a tab where sellers can click to register and start selling on my site
2. Search bar– a search bar where guests or members can search for products they want to buy
3. Shop by categories– a tab of available product categories on my site for easy shopping
4. Login/register– a tab where people can login or register to begin shopping on my site
Please anyone with info on how to do this, should help me out….I have a very limited/tight budget, so I will be glad to have a free or very cheap ideas on how to achieve this. Thanks in anticipation

[SKYPE] Youtube Group for Liking and Commenting exchanging!

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I’d like to create an active and fair skype youtube group. We will exchange ourselfes with comment’s and like’s for our youtube videos.

I live in GMT+0 zone so I would advice and encourage people from Europe to join , but people from other regions like America are also welcome, but europe is the priority.

I will moderate the group myself and anyone who wants to join must follow simple rules:

1) You post your link once every 12 hours and ask for like + comment + full view time | You will be removed for link spamming!
2) You like + comment + full view time all videos posted by all other members
3) Comments must make sense! Spam like comments are strictly forbidden and you will be banned from the skype group
4) If you are not fair and will not watch/comment/like all other videos you will be banned from the group

These are the simple rules everybody has to follow for this group to work.

Reguirements to join:

1) AT LEAST 2 months with blackhatworld
2) 15+ posts
3) reply to this thread you sent me a pm
4) In pm include your skype name + your youtube channel name

I look forward to some tips from other fellow youtubers that want to grow their channel and help me maintain a good skype group where everyone can benefit from :)

PS. Please allow me some time to add you to skype group because I work full time job and can’t do such things at my job

$20/post – Deal site poster with aged account needed. Slickdeals, Fatwallet, Woot etc

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I need someone or multiple people with aged deal site account to post our Black Friday deals on sites like Slickdeals, Fatwallet, Woot etc

I’ll pay $20/post that sticks via paypal. PM me or hit me up on Skype – zvespeaker

The Best spinner download?

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Anyone got some working version of TBS? I got one and it stopped working

Where to host mailing list?

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Where can i to host Mailing List?
And how can i earn through the mailing list?
I mean, what can i offer them or try to sell, or to try to bring them to my site when a new post is published? Would love to help. Thanks!