Google Play Store

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M anna and purely new here ,
m software developer and saying hello friends :-)

:omay i know where i can buy good play store accounts and rating ,review service , all search a lot , i could not get best seller
please suggest me from where i should buy google play store

Daily Fresh Deleted Domains Giveaway until Feb 21! – by KVCHOSTING

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Is BTV Solo Scamming Affiliates? Has Anyone Promoted This Software?

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I’ve been promoting this product 2 1/2 years now and have sent them 100K+ hops easily.

I haven’t been watching sales for this specific product since the traffic has been 100% autopilot and I normally don’t check my transactions just sales.

The "avg$/sale" back in May 2015 was $31.86. Back in 2014 it was around $24.85 the point is it was always around $25-$30 commission.

Today I noticed I’m getting $2.70 commissions then checked to see when they made this change and they did it June 2015. Then I check around Google for more information, check Clickbank and can’t find anything. The commissions simply dropped to peanuts for no apparent reason.

To me, it looks like a sleazy fucking sleazeball move. As I was making way more money before and now this product is fucking WORTHLESS to promote.
I can contact BTV but I don’t really care what bs excuse they have as I’ll be redirecting all my traffic to their competitor.

But I want to know from people who’ve successfully promoted this product…. wtf is this shit? Are they trying to go out of business cause this seems like the best way to do it?


Automated software to post product details in a site

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I want to build a software that can desktop based or anything that is easy to access. The site where i want to upload – I do not have backend access to it.. Its like seller panel that site has given to me(just like in ebay etc).. So from that seller panel i want to upload the products.

That software will take details one by one from a csv or excel… will post details in that product page and will also take image per product from a folder on my desktop.. and after image is uploaded it will submit the page..

The product page is a single page.. So not huge software needed, just so it can do repetitive tasks.

In case any free software is available, then please let me know..

Please PM me with quotes and time you need to build this software..(dont expect huge budget from me)

Sape link question.

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On the sites listing page, the price is shown, is that per day or per month?


[HIRING] Viral Twitter Script Developer

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I just wondering if it’s possible to have a button that will force user to retweet a specific tweet or tweet a customized message when clicked and then redirect the user to a URL of my choosing after it’s been retweeted/tweeted.


This is possible? PM me your price if you are able to do it.

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How do you promote my FREE online dating service make it better than pof and Tinder ?

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I have a dating site and was looking for a most effective longterm to generate revenue and popularity , any suggestion on how to make the site better than pof and tinder without charging people to use it?

how to direct urls

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hi want to know how to direct url from old url to new url as am getting http error 302 in google webmaster tools

Start with your initial affiliates here!

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I posted in the journeys thread about what my plans are so ill keep it simple in this thread.
I hope to save people some time signing up for there first affiliates.

I make is all very easy for you, Everything is laid out in a friendly manner and well explained.

check out the start section of my website for the affiliates, you shouldn’t have any problem with approval for these, those will be in another section of the site… once i’m approved lol.

This should save people from affiliate hunting!

Best Regards

"Please DGAFF."

Good VPS for a site holding about 1k visitors at a time?

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Hi there, i was driving social media traffic through bots to my site, i think at one point i hit about 1k visitors at a single time, my site isn’t really heavy as i optimized it prior, images are from imgur, my site only holds text. Still it crashed the hell out of it. So i come here to ask for advise, what vps could i get at a nice price that can hold this kind of traffic, maybe 500 to 1k persons at a time on it?