Making Money with PPC

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Has anyone here successfully made profit with an e-commerce website using Adwords as the sole source of traffic?

I am looking at either starting an e-commerce business or selling a niche problem solving info product such as "lose weight fast" etc. although organic SEO is great in the long term, I would need to make an immediate ROI..

Do you think this is possible?

Indexing again?

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I was at the serps on my aged niche site at #8 #13# #40 #80 then I’ve forgot to pay the hosting and the website was down for almost 1 week and nearly my entire site deindexed their were just a few kw’s left which were ranking #90 and #100, no after everything is fine and the site is back up, ranks won’t come back, I’ve waited a week and their aren’t any changes…

Do it will get back to that spots?

[WTB] Scrapebox license!

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Hi there,

I do not know where to post this so let me know if i’m posting at the wrong section.

I would like to buy someone’s scrapebox license!

I wont go first unless you’re reputable.

My portfolio:

Payment: Do graphic Design for you such as Logo, Business Card, Newsletter.
Or Paypal, moneybooker.

Looking for a FREE campaign/project management tool

September 2, 2015 by phirex | No Comments | Filed in BlackHat Lounge

I tried a few, most of them are TODO lists and such.
I am looking for something that will allow me to create custom fields!
Here’s a good example:

This is exactly what i’m looking for, but only available on their Enterprise plan…

So does anyone know of a completely FREE (or fairly cheap) solution i can use?
Will be nice if i can collaborate other users but not a must….

Need linkedin account

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Hi I need linkedin accounts which have pulse writing enabled. No other criteria.

I have 5,000+ Twitter followers in the adult field… how to monetize?

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I currently have over 5,000 followers in the adult niche and I’m averaging about 100-150 clicks on my links a day. I have been TRYING to use Crakrevenue by either sending them directly there via the GeoMatik link or I send them to my blog/review site. I’m making pocket change if anything. Is there somewhere else I can send them?

does the domain name matter anymore?

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i want to buy a new domain with high metrics and transfer my site to it.

does it matter what the domain is anymore? for example, if my site is a bicycle review site, but the domain name is is this fine? i ask because it is hard to find domain names with my niche word in it.

YouTube suggested video ranking

September 2, 2015 by RastaMouse | No Comments | Filed in YouTube

Hi guys,

so, I know the main aim on here is to get a video to rank highly for it to get more views but what about ranking so your video gets in the suggested list? This is another strong way to gain organic traffic but from looking at my channel, how to rank for it seems like another algorithm mystery as I have vids with low views that have been suggested more than videos I have with high views. Had anyone here done any experiments on this or have any theories?

[My journey] My Instagram journey to make $30 a day

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Earlier today I posted saying I had a journey of gaining 25k followers in 2 months.

After realizing that would be almost impossible, I decided to start a "new" journey. Right now my goal is to eventually (maybe within the next 3-4 months), make $30 a day on Instagram. The source of the money will be from shoutouts and fiverr gigs. Once I learn a little more about CPA marketing I might use that as well. As of now I will be doing all the commenting, liking, and following/unfollowing manually, I need to learn how to use bots.

I think this is attainable if I keep at it every day and work hard. My stats as of today, 9-2-15, are:

Day 1:
Followers: 1151
Following: 475

If you do not think my goal is attainable or want to suggest another goal to me, please tell me and thanks for reading!

Usa Based Drop shipper

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I am Based in massachusetts just live 1 block away to the postal office and i`m quick and transparent , some one need me contact on skype denis_vergetti2